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Project Name:

NYCHA Outliers 

Project Type:

ASHRAE Level I Audit

Scope of Work:

Agarabi Engineering assessed 15 multifamily buildings ranging in size from 10,500SF to 65,000 SF.  The energy assessment included inspection of the building envelope, heating system equipment, distribution system and associated controls as well as an interview of site staff. 


  • Reviewed EUI and consumption patterns for two(2) years of electric, fuel and water 

  • Confirm metered data corresponded with meters observed onsite 

  • Reviewed heating system repair bills 

  • Installed data loggers in a representative sample of apartments to record air temperature and relative humidity at 15min intervals. 

  • Identified health and safety hazards observed during the walk through each building. 


Our immediate recommendations for improving the efficiency of the sites included: ​

  • Programming all space heating reset controls correctly and calibration of associated sensors 

  • Lowering outdoor cutoff temperature to 55 degrees Fahrenheit 

  • Repairs and cleaning of burners and boiler firesides as well as adjusting burners 

  • Repairing motorized combustion air louvers 

  • Cleaning DHW heater heat exchangers  

  • Elimination of short cycling and setting heater up for proper flow & delta T 

  • Further investigate DHW heaters that showed evidence of backdrafting.   

  • Replacing/installing good-quality temperature and pressure gauges 

  • Repairing the condensate receiver

  • Repairing steam leaks in vicinity of low water cutoff pipe assembly (two leaks) 

  • Installation of water meters on boiler makeup lines in a number of the buildings 

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