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Project Name:

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

Started: March 2016 

Completed: May 2016

Project Type:

Local Law 87 Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning

Scope of Work:

Conducted an ASHRAE Level II assessment of an outdoor ice rink, an aquatics & ice rink center, and a recreation center. The audit included utility analysis and energy benchmarking, site visits and identification of cost-effective energy savings improvements. We evaluated existing conditions and the operability of major systems, including lighting, HVAC, boiler plant, chiller plant, pool, ice rink and controls. We reviewed existing drawings, interviewed facility personnel, and installed data loggers to measure temperature and humidity, boiler runtime, and DHW water flow rate. Retro-commissioning services included verification that the HVAC systems were installed per design intent, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained per the current facility requirements.


We estimated the proposed energy conservation and retro-commissioning measures for the three sites would result in:

• Reduced annual energy usage and utility costs - over $165,000;

• Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, SO2, NOx) - over 600 metric tons;

• Increased equipment reliability and reduced operating and maintenance costs

Utility analysis of the three facilities revealed electric demand was the largest portion of the energy bills. Thus, we recommended retro-commissioning of HVAC controls, installation of ice rink and pool covers, and upgrade of dehumidification systems, energy recovery units and economizers. We identified several health and safety issues and brought them to the facility manager's attention immediately.

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