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Project Name:

116 East 102nd Street, New York NY

Started: September 2014

Completed: January 2015

Project Type:

Design: Hydronic Heating Replacement

•Development of engineering specifications, detailed systems design, construction drawings

•Development and execution of heating system commissioning plan

•Systems-specific operator training, i.e., preventive maintenance, operating settings for new equipment and new technologies

•Resilience of HVAC equipment

Scope of Work:

Project’s main objective was a hydronic boiler replacement, redesign of near-boiler piping and the installation of balancing valves at apartment convectors. Engineering scope included: heat load calculation for the building, selection of boiler with accessories, creation of boiler specifications, mechanical drawings, design of new primary-secondary piping, and location of new balancing valves. Upon completion of installation, engineer supervised contractor's startup and commissioning of heating system.


Agarabi Engineering surveyed the building to complete the heat load calculation for a properly-sized boiler; the new boiler is less than half the size of the old and has much lower water content. In order to prevent future flooding, the boiler was raised off the floor with enough clearance for a properly-pitched flue. The existing convectors in the apartments had no balancing valves. We specified pressure-independent control valves for each apartment series loop to ensure proper flow and improve indoor comfort. The new system is estimated to reduce space heat fuel consumption approximately 30%.

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