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Project Name:

Partner PREP serving Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens

Started: October 2013

Completed: October 2015

Project Type:

Housing Portfolio-wide Operation & Maintenance Program:

•Feasibility study for implementation of specific technologies and technical approaches to improve energy efficiency

•Portfolio-wide data study and analysis, i.e., detailed end-use breakdowns

•Technical potential analysis of portfolio-wide implementation of system-specific technologies and protocols

•Building operations staff training for repairs and maintenance, with a focus on indoor environmental quality


The Partner Portfolio Retrofit Engagement Platform (PartnerPREP) program provided advanced energy and water-conservation technical assistance to affordable housing groups. Developed by Enterprise Community Partners, the program made low-cost operation & maintenance (O&M) upgrades across each group’s entire housing portfolio to yield substantial energy and cost savings.

Scope of Work:

Agarabi Engineering provided technical services including O&M manuals, steam system troubleshooting and staff training. We completed energy/water audits of two housing portfolios of 24 and 25 buildings, respectively, identified numerous energy and water conservation opportunities, O&M imperatives and capital upgrades. We also reviewed Enterprise’s benchmark analyses and created a report detailing a specific scope of work for each individual building.



Both groups achieved portfolio-wide energy and water cost savings of 5% to 8%, reduced heating and DHW system downtime, and improved tenant comfort, at minimal cost.

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