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Project Name:

HPD/HDC Green Physical Needs Assessment

Started:November 2016

Completed: March 2017

Project Type:

Building Envelope & HVAC Condition Assessment

Scope of Work:

Conducted full roof-to-cellar assessments of 12 Brooklyn multifamily buildings’ physical conditions per ASTM E2018-15 and ASHRAE Level II standards. The assessments included a utility analysis, energy benchmarking and site visits. Deficiencies in HVAC equipment and cost-effective energy and water-saving improvements were identified. We evaluated existing conditions and the operability of major systems, including lighting, HVAC, boiler plant, and controls. We reviewed drawings, interviewed facility personnel, tested boiler combustion, measured exhaust fan flow rate, and measured the DHW fixture flow rate.


Our estimated results included:
• Total capital costs of over $7,000,000
• Reduced annual utility costs of 30%

• Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, SO2, NOx) of over 11,000 metric tons

• Increased equipment reliability and reduced operating and maintenance costs

The deficiencies identified included heating circulating pumps and ventilation equipment at the end of their useful lives; uncontrolled air movement through building enclosure; broken exterior lighting controls, water distribution issues, outdated common area lighting, and the need to retro-commission the HVAC controls and cold water booster pumps. We also identified several health and safety issues and immediately brought them to the attention of the facility manager.

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