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Project Name:

New York State Park- Allegany Red House Retro-commissioning 

Started: September 2017

Completed: July 2018 

Project Type:

HVAC Retro-Commissioning 

Scope of Work:

Performed retro commissioning of the HVAC system at the Allegany State Park Red House administrative building to improve occupant comfort, optimize equipment performance and save energy. The building is a mixed use development which includes a restaurant, a 24/7 NYS Parks Police station, a visitor center, and offices.  

Agarabi Engineering conducted a site visit during the cooling season to evaluate the current state of the building's two-pipe fan coil system. Tasks included observing the sequence of operations, investigating comfort complaints, reviewing historical data from energy management system logs and installing data loggers throughout the facility.  

Several health and safety issues were identified and brought to the attention of the staff on the day of our walk-through. Additionally, we identified faulty temperature sensors at the fan coil units (FCUs), built-in FCU controls set to manual and blocked or ineffective FCUs. Sections of the building’s roof had recently been upgraded with spray foam, however, a majority of the building envelope lacked adequate air sealing and insulation.  

We provided onsite basic training of the necessary operations and maintenance of the equipment. Facility requirements, maintenance logs and comfort complaint protocols are currently being developed. Data loggers were installed to record air and water temperature in the two-pipe system and in an ultrasonic flow meter. After a period, the data measured by the loggers was compared to the data recorded by the building management system. Recommendations to calibrate, or adjust controls were provided the staff. 

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